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!! work !!

nike x yoon 1 (script)
claire barrow
virtual communities 1 2

gaultier x i-D 1 2
netflix 1 2
the face+levi's 1
miu miu 1
bottega veneta 1
nike 1
airbnb+the guardian 1
eytys 1
stella mccartney 1
self-portrait 1
gucci 1 2
vivienne westwood 1

1 copy
2 creative

I do creative direction / copy / consulting / scriptwriting and art direction for a number of agencies and magazines as well as working one to one with artists, directors and creative directors. Mail me

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I felt energised, excited. It felt like I was standing on the precipice of something truly profound, something revolutionary. I was at home here, with Bram and Willem and my fellow man-machine hybrids. Perhaps I could live full time in Decentraland, a zealous convert with just an eternally undrunk can of virtual Heineken Silver and a selection of intangible gourmet snacks to call my own. The canapé-bearing NPC from earlier was back, whispering in my ear about taking a gap year between platforms to travel Google Maps. I wondered what our virtual children might look like, what they might sound like playing in the vast expanses of the metaverse. What emojis we might name them.
this is some branded content i wrote which i won't be linking to

what have you been up to i feel like you're always at work. yeah i am... i guess most often for:

Mother (senior copywriter)

Edward Quarmby Studio
(creative dev. and copy)

(senior copywriter)





sometimes i wonder 

if i am

a permalancer?

hate the word

not really any more

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maybe i will

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